What do you want from 8BitCADE? How can we help?

If you are learning electronics - what would help?

Hey 8BitCADERS! I wanted to create this topic page to start the conversation with all of you about what you guys want to see from 8BitCADE. How can I help?

While I can’t make any promises, I do want to hear your crazy ideas in what you want to see 8BitCADE do next? Is it another game console, maybe it isn’t? Is it more educational content that you guys want from this platform (8BitCADE) and how we can work to provide that?

It’s an open question and I’ll be in the comments to answer any questions/bounce ideas off of all of you! Let’s start the conversation!

Hello 8bitcade is a good console I have some ideas but the first thing I would like to have a choice when I buy the console is the colour of the screen. When I was kid I was playing with a amstrad cpc with a monochrome green screen. So I think the choice of the monochrome colour screen between white, blue and green will be nice and nostalgic for some grey hair boys like me.

Hi @SirDaniel,

I hope your well!

That’s an awesome suggestion - I think a neon green screen would look pretty neat. May be cool to do a matching case with green highlights? Could add this as a pack/add on in the future given the kits DIY nature.

I appreciate your comment! Let me know if you think of anything else!



Hello Jack I hope you are well to. Yes your idea about deferred colour case depends the colour screen is good. If I remember correctly even the simple oled screens are available in many colours. like the 80s old computers ,normally then the choices before buying new CPC was between green monochrome or blue screen.