[Solved] Screen is blank issue with certain games

I’ve built the 8bitcade xl (really enjoyed it). The device seems fine running most games, but with some games such as Galaxians, the screen is blank (the game is working as I can hear the sound). When selecting the game, the led turns red and then fades, and at that stage I would expect to see the 8bitcade logo, but the screen is blank.

When I have the device plugged in to charge they always seem to work. I’ve re-flowed all the screen solder joints and battery connector joint, but it’s still a problem. Any ideas?

When I check the battery using the battery tester, it jumps around from 4.0v to 3.5v, maybe the battery is at fault? Any ideas?


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Hi Stirky,

Awesome to have you on here! Super glad you loved the kit and all seems to be working fine.

If the games are working fine when the console is plugged in, it could be a power issue.

It would definitely come in handy to take a look at the top and bottom of your PCB. That will allow me and my team to review the board to see if there is anything on the hardware side that could be causing the issue. e.g. fault with the TP4056 or a dent on the battery etc

Any additional videos that will help us understand the issue and discover what went wrong would help a bunch. For example, a video of Galaxion working when plugged in, and then fading out when running on battery.

Below is the hex file for Galaxion, its also worth uploading this to see if the game file on the game image got corrupted on flash.
Galaxion.hex (71.6 KB)

Another thing to note is charge.
Upon delivery, the battery should take 2 to 3 hours to fully charge as they have to be shipped with a low level of charge. Note that the TP4056 (charging system) board will turn from a RED LED to a GREEN LED once 90% charged - so leave the unit charging for another 30 minutes or so.

Keep me posted on what works and what doesn’t! Im looking forward in seeing your kit!


Jack Daly

Thanks Jack, I’ve recharged the battery and that seems to have done the trick for now. BTW, shouldn’t the TP4056 LED go from red to blue, rather than red to green?


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Hi Stirky,

Awesome news!

You’re absolutely right! Depending on which colour, red or blue, purely depends on which supplier you get it from. It was a small surprise when I was writing the Make Guide and had the prototype unit with a green LED and the production model with a blue LED! The difference in colour is purely preference so dont stress.

As always, let me know if you have any other questions or anything you want to share!



I have the same issue, and charging the battery hasn’t fixed it. When soldering it all together I felt the voltage regulator get very hot - could that cause the issue?


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Hey Jim,

I hope your well and welcome to the community!

Sounds like you may have a short circuit that is causing the volt reg to get excessively hot. Could you send over a picture of the top and bottom of your PCB. That will allow me to double-check to see if there are any solder bridges, scratches on the PCB or short circuits on the board.

(Any additional videos that will help me understand the issue would be appreciated!).